Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some Questions on Health Care

From Angry White Dude come ten unanswered questions:

10. Do you intend to honor your promise and hold a serious line by line review of proposed health care legislation with members of Congress or was your July 29 promise to do so merely an insincere political gesture?

9. Why should the American people trust the Administration’s numbers rather than the final estimates of the C.B.O. on the cost of your health care proposals?

8. Why should seniors trust the Administration more than the nonpartisan C.B.O. that your health care proposals will reduce health care benefits to seniors?

7. How can you accuse critics of creating lies about your health care proposals when on several occasions, including your incorrect reference to the circumstances of an Illinois man in your September 9 speech to Congress, your own words have been found to be misleading?

6. If competition can be expected to reduce costs and increase coverage, why is interstate competition not a key part of your health care proposals?

5. How do you expect Americans to believe you have a grasp and knowledge of the healthcare proposals when you appear to be unaware that the language of the Baucus proposal specifically includes the word “tax”?

4. Is the Congressional Research Service in error when it states that HR 3200 contains no restrictions on illegals receiving health care benefits?

3. Why aren’t you currently acting to stop the waste and fraud you claim to have identified that currently exists in the health care system?

2. Why won’t government employees and elected officials be covered under a nationwide health care plan?

1. Is there a good reason or explanation you can give the American people why your plans don’t include a single word that addresses this terrible problem of lawsuit abuse?

Like Angry White Dude, I encourage you to contact your elected representatives and tell them how you feel about health care reform.

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