Tuesday, October 13, 2009

America Is Nothing Special

Neal Gabler has a whacky post today at The Boston Globe. He starts off saying, "THE HOARIEST and most oft-repeated cliche in American politics may be that America is the greatest country in the world."

He says government is better than the American people. Quote: "The fact of the matter is that whenever anything really significant has been accomplished by our government, it is precisely because it was better than the American people." (emphasis his)

Want more? Here: "In the end, government has inspired Americans far more than Americans have inspired their government. They are too busy boasting."

And liberals complain that conservatives hate America? The hating is done by the liberals, who hate the people and love the government. Hmmm, who else had that kind of idea? Stalin comes to mind.

You can read much more at the article here.


  1. I read this article this afternoon! one of the Commenter's had a really good point.... "This is important because it ties back to Gabler's point about a government being better than its people, and my disagreement with this point. I am reminded that my grandparents did in fact leave two countries where the government was "better" than its people in the construction of classless societies: Nazi Germany and Communist Russia.

    How soon we forget."

  2. And the above comment i relayed was in response to someone actually proposing that; "... two ideas that would end the reign of Wealth and Greed: Equal Pay for Equal Time; which is to say, bankers, rocket scientists, fireman and dramatists all get paid the same hourly, wouldn't that be fine? And Capital is a Public Resource, to be invested and held by Public Institutions." Dave I can't believe people really think like this and even worse, some work for me in our Government. Time to vote em out.

  3. I agree, Mr. Rogers. Next year's elections can't come soon enough. And I especially can't wait for 2012.

  4. I apologize for the "Vote em out" comment, even though i mean it. It was a little incomplete. I meant to say, "...Time to vote em out, again." so there!