Saturday, October 24, 2009

Obama Nominee: Marriage Is Not a Good Thing

Chai Feldblum, Obama's nominee for the EEOC, aims to fundamentally change America's definition of marriage.

"My own view, reflected in my writing over the past decade, is that government often appropriately legislates on a shared social vision of morality and that changing the public's moral assessment of same-sex sexual activity is thus key to achieving true equality for LGBT people. For some time, I have articulated this view as a requirement that the public must come to view homosexuality and heterosexuality as morally equivalent - that is, the public must believe that both straight sex and gay sex encompass equivalent moral ‘goods'...that there is nothing inherently immoral or wrong with two people of the same gender engaging in sexual conduct. That belief of moral neutrality must then be coupled with an affirmation that government has an obligation to advance what I term ‘statements of moral understanding'. Four of those statements are the following: it is good for human beings in society to feel safe, to feel happy, to experience and give care, and to live a life of authenticity. These four statements of moral understanding, coupled with a belief in the moral neutrality of homosexual conduct, should then result in a society in which gay people are protected from discrimination in employment, provided access to civil marriage, permitted to adopt children, etc."

So here we go, another Obama appointment that is at moral odds with the rest of the country. Another radical appointed by a president that's supposed to be in charge of our nation. What fuck-ups put him there?

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  1. I believe that these queer(their own word) people, these LGBT people have every right to do their thing. I also think communities should have the right to make them uncomfortable so they leave. but hey, I'm just a guy that likes women.(Natural law?)