Thursday, October 1, 2009

Safe Schools Czar Says He Would Do Things Differently Now

I covered before the 'safe schools czar', an open homosexual who advocates teaching homosexuality to school kids.

In that article I covered the time when he was a teacher. A male student came to him and told him about having sex with older men. Instead of reporting the incident he sympathized and offered advice.

Jennings says, "Twenty one years later I can see how I should have handled this situation differently. I should have asked for more information and consulted legal or medical authorities."

Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council says Jennings' past remarks about the incident call into question the sincerity of his new statement.

"It's not as though, 'oh, this was a youthful mistake I made as a brand-new teacher, but now that I'm an adult I realize that I handled it wrong.' Because he has told this story as recently as last year, in another book, and has not expressed any regret until now. So that indicates to me that this is more out of political necessity than it is about genuine remorse," Sprigg told FOX News.

I agree. Look carefully at what he said. He didn't say he was sorry. He didn't say he was wrong. As is typical in politics, he expresses regret that he got caught. This is an apology of political expedience, nothing more.

You can find the original article here.

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