Friday, October 2, 2009

Open Comments 10/2/09

I am a geek at heart and I love me some Lifehacker. They have something every Friday called the open comment thread. Users post whatever they want -- rants, raves, pictures, links, whatever.

So let's make something like that here. Feel free to post whatever you want, spam excluded, as a comment to this thread. Feel free to comment on someone else's comment and get a conversation going.

I'll try to remember to do this every Friday.


  1. 1.Not that this is relevant to anything... I just learned i can turn my A/C On & Off with a well placed strike with my fist to a nice solid portion of my wall. Just like the Fonze and his juke box.
    2.Work has been crazy lately. I need to step it up somewhat to earn myself some more free time to play with my blog!

  2. Mr. Rogers,
    You learned that just in time. It's a great time of year to be wearing a leather jacket.