Thursday, October 15, 2009

Michael Moore, Blowhard

John Stossel has a great article about Michael Moore's new movie and starts with a single observation: "Michael Moore is confused."

Some problems that Stossel points out are:

  • Moore says our problems began with Reagan but by the end of the movie he is saying it's because FDR didn't get to pass his Second Bill of Rights, which promised everything to everyone.

  • He lavishes praise on Barack Obama and his "spread the wealth around" rhetoric. But Moore also demonizes as symbols of capitalism Clinton Treasury secretaries Robert Rubin (formerly of Goldman Sachs) and Lawrence Summers, and former New York Fed President Timothy Geithner without mentioning that Rubin has been Obama's adviser and that Summers and Geithner are, respectively, his chief economic guru and treasury secretary.

  • He fails to acknowledge that Obama continued the bailout policies of George W. Bush.

  • Moore declares capitalism evil, but he's never clear about what "capitalism" means.

  • He uses the term "free market" as a synonym for what he doesn't like.

He also fails to define capitalism or socialism and asks Bernie Sanders, the only admitted communist in Congress, who gives a shifty answer about a government that represents the middle class.

Another excellent read from John Stossel.

You can find Stossel's article here.

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