Thursday, October 8, 2009

Regulatory Czar Says Americans Are Too Racist To Implement Socialism

These whacky czars just get better and better. It's like a friggin' Saturday Night Live skit, live and in person.

WorldNet Daily has an article about Cass Sunstein's view that Americans wouldn't implement socialism because it would benefit minorities. From his book The Second Bill of Rights:

"The absence of a European-style social welfare state is certainly connected with the widespread perception among the white majority that the relevant programs would disproportionately benefit African Americans (and more recently Hispanics)," wrote Sunstein.

"During the Cold War, the debate about [social welfare] guarantees took the form of pervasive disagreement between the United States and its communist adversaries. Americans emphasized the importance of civil and political liberties, above all free speech and freedom of religion, while communist nations stressed the right to a job, health care, and a social minimum."

And we all know how well that turned out for the Soviet Union, right? We can see how well it's working in Venezuela, France and China, too.

Sunstein penned a 2007 University of Chicago Law School paper in which he debated whether America should pay "justice" to the world by entering into a compensation agreement that would be a net financial loss for the U.S. He argues it is "desirable" to redistribute America's wealth to poorer nations.

And how would that happen, that we would give away more than we earn? Cap and trade:

"It is even possible that desirable redistribution is more likely to occur through climate change policy than otherwise, or to be accomplished more effectively through climate policy than through direct foreign aid," wrote Sunstein.

You can find the article here.

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