Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Nominations for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize

In honor of the ridiculous comments from the committee on the Nobel Peace Prize, I would like to offer some of my recommendations for next year:

If we want to nominate those people that have created "less tension" in the world, I nominate:

1. Trojan condoms
2. K-Y jellies

And no one has made them get used more than:

3. Jack Daniels
4. Jim Beam

If we want to nominate those that have created cheer by throwing parties, I nominate:

5. The entire cast of Animal House
6. Any and all college sororities and fraternities

How about we look at those people that have stopped others from fighting? I nominate:

7. Josef Stalin. Remember the fighting the Baltic States were doing before he crushed them?
8. Saddam Hussein. He did for the factions of Islam what Stalin did for the Baltic States.

Got any nominations yourself? Sound off in the comments.

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