Friday, September 18, 2009

Why Dick Cheney Is More American Than Barack Obama

Kevin McCullough wrote an article yesterday comparing Barack Obama and Dick Cheney. He looks at how the poll numbers between the two have flipped, with Cheney now being more popular. He theorizes several reasons why this is so:

  • Real unemployment is around 14%. Obama promised he would personally make sure unemployment never made it past 8%. Under Bush/Cheney, unemployment was around 4-5%.

  • Dick Cheney did what he could to help small business and lower taxes, while Obama labels those people "evil" and "rich".

  • "Gravitas, seriousness, and the ability to look out for Americans."

  • Unwillingness to get involved in his Cabinet's business.

  • National security. Really, does this one need explaining?

  • Cheney ardently defended the CIA and the men and women of the U.S. military. Obama, not so much.

  • Decisiveness. Cheney made decisions and defended them. Obama consults everyone and remains open to influence after making a decision.

I will add one more of my own: Cheney believes in American supremacy. You never saw him go on a world apology tour. People believe Cheney stands for America while Obama seems ashamed of it.

In the end, Mr. McCullough says, "President Obama lives in a world that he desperately wishes existed. Vice President Cheney lives in the world that actually does."

The editorial can be found here.

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