Thursday, September 10, 2009

Regulatory Czar Is an Animal Rights Whacko

Cass Sunstein, the new Regulatory Czar, believes hunting should be banned and some other freaky stuff. Some of his beliefs are (1):

* Animals should have access to legal representation
* Hunting should be banned
* Compares animal use to slavery
* Proponent of extensive regulation of animal husbandry
* Opposed to using animals in scientific research

From his Wikipedia page, he also thinks animals should be allowed to bring suit in court.

After this guy and the nut job Van Jones, maybe people ought to be taking a closer look at the people Obama has gathered around him as advisors.

1. Van Ness, John (2009, September 9). "Cass Sunstein, Animal Rights, Animal Welfare and Obama".
Retrieved September 10, 2009, from

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